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Why us?

Exclusive Real Estate Services Company

At Eye Residence, we believe that a standard website with text and regular images is not enough to sell a luxurious villa. Especially if the same method is used to sell a house that is worth five to ten times less. The current buyer needs to be able to identify himself with the villa that he is looking for.

In the current economy, experience is in high demand. A message that stimulates the senses is the answer. This is also the main focus of our promotional materials. We strive to allow the authentic elements to be shown, experienced and felt.

Buyer focused
Our materials focus on the potential buyer. As a result of qualitative research, an instrument has been developed that can determine the target group that are most likely to be interested in your villa. We cater to the lifestyle of this group and accentuate the unique details that will appeal to them. It is our strenght to convert these accents into impulses. Hereby, we rely on the feelings and emotions of the buyer. We make them part of their own story.

Eye Residence consists of a team of seven talented professionals. Everyone gets involved in the project in order to achieve the optimal result. If these forces are combined, the real estate agency will have top class promotional material at its disposal. We are able to integrate image as the main element and show them on the latest platforms, which give your promotions a different character: interactive, visual and profound.

When you put our promotional material in the main stream via the known media channels, then you are missing the target. Do not wait to get Lucky, show assertiveness! Our concept has a large marketing preparatory factor, which can benefit you greatly. You will receive a marketing report from us on where and how you should promote your property. Promotion via media is not enough. We specialize in coming up with ‘out of the box’, creative ways to match your target group as closely as possible. Our knowledge gives you the chance to quickly greet your buyer. When the time comes, using our materials and direction, you will definitely leave a lasting impression. Effective and assertive, that is what your client desires, and that’s what we give you.

Everything that we do is a reflection of what we believe in. We are here to help you, anywhere in the world.

Remember, it's all about finding the right people and their feelings...

How we work


We determine the target by using the knowledge of our researchers. We focus on the behaviour, trends, developments, standards and values of that particular group. The entire presentation focuses on the feelings of the right group of people. We know what they want. 


By telling a true story, we make it more realistic and appeal to a specific audience. By combining relevant details of the villa with the values of the target, the buyer is able to move into his/her dream lifestyle, allowing them to experience and feel it. 


We accentuate the unique details and convert them into impulses. We do this by using the best cinema cameras and lenses. We use top of the range apparatus, both in the air and on the ground. We strive to go for nothing less than that sensitive ‘wow’ factor.


As a real estate agent or seller you do not have to worry about anything. We deliver the videos, photos, web photos, text and floor planners. We also provide you with a separate USB for use on your own website or advertisements. Everything is combined in a fashionable manner in our digital brochures, printed magazines and look books. You will find the digital brochure in the app store, designed in a magazine-look, swiping around the villa.

Marketing Advice

You have the best possible promotional material, what now? We give you an advice report on the best way to put your property on the market. We hereby make you aware of who your target audience is and we give concrete suggestions on how and where you can promote. Our research ensures that you are more assertive and effective than your competitors. We think beyond the usual, well-known routes and give you the ability to quickly come face to face with your buyer. 




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We want to empower you with the ultimate instrument to accelerate your sale 


Danny van den Tillaart
Concept & Project Manager
Nick Wijdeven
Floor Trommelen
Lifestyle Professional
Fontys International Lifestyle Studies
Frank Driessen
Frank Driessen Photograpy
Jip Trommelen
Graphic Designer
Jorrit Pit
Pilot, Visual Director & Technology
Ruben Renaud
Camera Operator & Visual Director

The ultimate marketing tool for real estate managers and sellers of luxury villas, anywhere in the world.


Should you have any further questions, we stand readily at your disposal. If you would like to receive a brochure of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or telephone.

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